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Welcome to TomsLaw

Welcome to TomsLaw.  The aim of TomsLaw is to serve the public interest with a focus on entrepreneurial companies, the UK enterprise culture and those individuals keen to invest within this sector.  Tom Mackay has provided these documents.

In the Document Library you will find a variety of documents covering a range of fund raising activities. Please feel free to download any documents that you find useful but before you do please note the disclaimer displayed at the foot of this page.

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Document Library

The current document library primarily consist of template legal documents (in Word format) relating to the business of SMEs and those planning to invest in them. These documents only provide a first discussion draft. The authors and the publisher do not know the context in which the documents may be used and cannot assume responsibility for their proper and correct use. Users should also be aware that over time changes are made to the law and therefore the documents displayed may not be up to date.

It should be stressed that the documents featured on this web site do not constitute legal advice. No legal or business decision should be based on the content of these documents. For legal advice you should contact your own solicitor.


The documents featured on this web site do not provide legal advice. The publishers and authors shall not be liable to any person with respect to any loss or damages caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the information or any mistake in the documents contained on this web site (except to the extent that by the law relating to this web site it is unlawful to exclude such liability).