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Company NameOkappy Limited
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Contact personRichard Harris
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Okappy is an innovative communications platform which rethinks the way businesses manage their day-to-day work.

It applies social networking technology to a real business need – the need to communicate and collaborate when working with lots of employees, multiple sub-contractors, across different sites and with different clients.

It streamlines processes, reduces paperwork and increases efficiency, making a significant difference to bottom-line profits, and gives business owners complete control of every job, every step of the way.

4 years ago, Graham Warby an electrician from Ipswich, and a customer of my previous startup approached me with a problem. He was losing money through missed job sheets, he was seeing lots of time wasted by himself, his customers and subcontractors copying information between their various applications. This was leading to mistakes, disputes and missed invoices which he reckoned was costing him and his partner companies about 10% of their turnover each year. More importantly for him, it was constraining his company's growth.

We were tracking his vehicles at the time, he asked me whether we could also track his jobs.

As we started developing a solution, we soon realised that the opportunity was much bigger than just job management software. It went to the heart of a communications issue which affects many companies around the world and which has yet to be solved by the likes of WhatsApp, Slack or Google.

And so, 2 years later, Okappy was born.

We've built the platform, we've have 21 early paying customers who have created over 50,000 jobs on the platform, raised over £7 million of invoices and created over 19,500 connections. We're leading the wave of market networks. It's an exciting opportunity and we're therefore looking to raise £500,000 in return for a stake in the company. We will use this to take on 5 people including 2 developers, a sales person, a marketing person and an intern. We will also increase our spending on marketing.

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