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We apply recent advances from the field of Deep Learning (a subfield of Machine Learning) to the problem of API security.
In the last 10 years, the number of data breaches have increased five fold. When you pair this with the prediction that by 2020, a third of all data will either live in or pass through the cloud, a nascent problem become apparent. One borne from the fact that security is rarely prioritised in application design.
Our solution can be retrofitted onto existing applications to protect them from many common attacks including XSS, SQL injection, Logic tampering and Malformed requests, and unlike existing approaches, it automatically tailors itself to the application, improving performance as it learns.
Although our vision is to eventually become the provider of cyber security for both SMEs and enterprises, we are currently focusing on financial institutions. This is for two main reasons. Firstly, our penetration testing experience with banks such as HSBC and ICICI demonstrates that despite protecting extremely valuable data, they are often prone to basic vulnerabilities which we believe we are well placed to protect. Secondly, by next year over 5000 banks in 28 European jurisdictions will be mandated to open their APIs to the public, providing customer information to the public. Although larger banks will be likely well protected, it is probable that many smaller banks will be unable to adequately protect their services.

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