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Company NameGivo
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Contact personAlvin Li
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Currently, there is no all-in-one social media platform that charities can use to reach their donors and receive donations on. Most charities still rely on old-fashioned engagement and fundraising methods, such as street fundraisers, cold-calling and mail posts. Donors also don't have an easy way to read up on the plethora of news about causes. We believe the lack of innovative ways of engagement and fundraising is caused by lack of transparency and personal connection that motivates individuals to give. Rather than being inspired to give voluntarily, donors are often guilt-tripped by TV or banner ads, or only react to crowdfunding pleas.

Givo is an award-winning news and social media mobile app that allows users to create customised newsfeeds for causes and topics they care about. These BuzzFeed-like, bitesize news stories go straight to their mobile phones, making it more convenient to stay up-to-date with both local and global issues. They can share and re-post inspirational photos and stories onto Givo, Facebook and Twitter, so that their friends and followers can be inspired too. Charities can directly post photos and stories onto their supporters' newsfeeds, at the tap of a button. Users can also directly donate through the app. Donation activity is tracked, and can be shared to all their friends too. With Givo, giving is no longer a linear process - it becomes a virtuous cycle.

Givo's mobile app is a first mover in the charity space, with no existing direct competitors. As such, we are raising venture capital to rapidly expand our content and marketing teams and improve tech features, as well as expand to additional new global markets.

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Document Checklist

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