Enjoy a better investing experience with a focus on due diligence & management. InEn brings together Investors, Entrepreneurs and Advisers to fund and manage a company.  Investors who are high net worth or sophisticated can join InEn to be part of an investment community and find investment opportunities.  Join or create a group to meet like-minded Investors to support your decision making through sharing of information, knowledge and spreading risk.   You can build communities around your area of expertise or around an interest or location.  Within these communities, you can collaborate through video conferencing, live chat, forum discussion, document sharing and more.  You can explore projects and join project teams to communicate with entrepreneurs and receive updates on their projects as well as viewing the project documents.  InEn empowers Investors to get to know the team behind the venture, to investigate the financial viability and to understand the stage of the product or service and the probability of customer acceptance.  The ability to communicate with other Investors, the entrepreneur team and receive regular updates under one roof, saves you time and money.  Join now to access your next shining star!